Shower room pulley installation precautions

Company: New SLD Company

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1.Get tools and materials: Before you start the installation, make sure you have the tools and materials you need. This includes screwdrivers, wrenches, glass pulley kits, screws, nuts, and wall expansion bolts.

2. Remove the old pulley (if applicable) : If you are replacing the old pulley, remove the old pulley first. This usually involves unscrewing a screw or nut and then gently removing the old pulley.

3. Prepare the new pulley: Check the new pulley kit to make sure all parts are complete. Typically, kits include pulley bodies, bearings, screws and nuts.

4. Install the new pulley: Insert the bearing of the new pulley kit into the slide of the shower door. Make sure the bearing can slide smoothly. Then, connect the pulley body to the bearing and secure it with screws and nuts. Make sure the pulley is securely attached to the shower door.

5. Adjust the pulley position (if applicable) : If necessary, you can adjust the pulley position to ensure the horizontal and vertical alignment of the shower door. Use adjustment screws to do this.

6. Test sliding: After installation, gently push the shower door to ensure that the pulley can slide smoothly without getting stuck or having problems.

7. Tighten screws: Finally, ensure that all screws and nuts are securely fastened to prevent the pulley from loosening.

8. Maintenance and maintenance: Clean the shower room regularly, especially the glass surface and slide rail, to ensure smooth sliding. Check the seals to make sure they are not worn or damaged. Maintain the rails and clean or replace them if necessary. If water leakage is found, promptly check the installation and adjustment of pulleys, seals and glass. Check metal parts regularly and clean and maintain them in time if they are rusted.